Gifted and Talented

State Board of Education Regulation 43-220, Gifted and Talented, amended and approved in June of 2004, mandates the qualifying criteria and screening procedures for placement in gifted and talented programs throughout the state. The State Department of Education has established state-wide procedures for referral and screening of students for the academically gifted and talented program. Districts are required to census test all students in grade two with nationally-normed aptitude and achievement measures to determine eligibility for gifted and talented services.


Florence District Five administers an aptitude and achievement test to all grade two students which is provided by the State Department of Education. The timeline for screening students to determine eligibility for gifted and talented services is:


* Fall 2022: District reviews state assessment scores for grades 4-8 to determine students who are eligible for screening (“Exemplary” on math or reading subtest of ELA meets Dimension B). Students screened in aptitude (Dimension A) and qualifying students placed in program. Non-qualifying screened students in grades 3 - 4 are eligible for STAR testing in March. Students in grades 6-12 may qualify with 3.75 GPA (Dimension C) and either Dimension A or B.


* Fall 2022: District administers nationally-normed aptitude and achievement test to all grade two students in November (CogAT and ITBS). District reviews MAP scores (94th percentile in reading and math) for possible qualification in Dimension B.


* January 2023: District reviews grade two test results to determine student eligibility for 2023-2024 programs: Automatic placement with 96th percentile on Dimension A total score only or Dimension A (93rd + percentile) and B (94th percentile on reading comprehension and/or mathematical concepts and problem solving).


* March 2023: District administers Performance Tasks (STAR) to those students in grades 3- 5 meeting either Dimension A or B.


* May 2023: STAR results received from contractor. Students notified of results by June 1 for placement in 2023-2024 program.


Students may be referred at any time during the school year. For additional information, referrals or clarification concerning the gifted and talented program, please contact Chrissy Hodges at (843) 386-2358.


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